How is BIP different?

Since 1983, the members of BIP – themselves interpreters - have been helping event planners get quality interpretation for their meetings and conferences.

Simultaneous interpretation services are often offered by agencies that select interpreters for jobs based only on availability without any consideration for relevant professional certification or expertise. Not being interpreters themselves, they cannot evaluate the skill level of a particular interpreter. The end result? Meeting participants walk away with mixed messages, not having understood due to poor translation.

Not so with BIP. To ensure your conference participants understand every word and nuance of each speaker’s presentation, an experienced BIP member will be there every step of the way to assess and determine your needs, develop a detailed quotation and recommend a team of interpreters based on your subject matter, language complexity, target audience, and venue.

You can always count on BIP interpreters as they are:

  • members of recognized provincial, national and international professional associations as conference interpreters (please see FAQs*)
  • bound to professional secrecy by their Code of Ethics
  • accredited by the Federal Government of Canada

We are members of the following associations and professional organizations:

  • AIIC - International Association of Conference Interpreters
  • OTTIAQ - The Quebec Order of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters
  • ATIO - Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario

Read our client testimonials, and you’ll quickly see what a difference BIP makes.

Or, request a quote and find out first hand.